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Below is a listing of member businesses of the Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce. Each member is categorized by business type. Click on the business type to determine which business will best suit your needs. You will find the business name, location of the business, contact name, telephone number and email address. Member businesses are encouraged to supply the SBCC with a description of their particular business to make your choice easier, dependant on your specific needs.

Feel free to contact the business either by phone or email.

If you are unable to find the business you are looking for, feel free to contact the SBCC and we will be more than happy to help provide that referral to you.

If you are a busainess and would like to be listed in our member directory, please take a few moments to look at the member benefits and join our Chamber! For more information regarding membership, give us a call at (916) 231-0416 or email us at

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