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The mission of the SBCC is to assure member businesses will benefit through services that sustain and increase their revenues.  General member services include, but are not limited to business/entrepreneur education and training, business resource referrals, access to chamber meeting facilities (pre-COVID), business networking (now virtually) and outreach.

SBCC has a significant legacy of supporting small businesses and now is offering assistance in their economic recovery and workforce development particularly now in response to the COVID crisis.  SBCC continues to offer a series of business tools and training that can serve as immediate support for long-term solutions.  Some of the immediate efforts consist of outreach, labs or workshops, facilitation, business advocacy, technical assistance in professional services (such as but not limited to back-office support,) working with public funding, reporting, data collection, record keeping, general operations, and certification of businesses.  Helping to professionalize underrepresented industries of business (such as the personal care and beauty industries  like cosmetology, barbering,  nail salons and hair care retail stores who have been  impacted the hardest  by the COVID crisis,) they have significant clientele that serve African American residents in the City of Sacramento and beyond.

We offer our member businesses:

  • 1.1 consulting
  • Marketing through webpage, e-blasts and newsletter
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Business referrals to and for all member businesses in good standing
  • Our immediate services now include along with our business workshops…
  • Classes and training in initiatives stabilizing and protecting against the hardship of the next wave of the pandemic
  • Community engagement and forecasting
  • Business planning needs during recessions and/or other economic hardships.

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Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization which makes all donations tax-deductible. EIN: 95-0083646.