Why You Want To Be A Chamber Member


I once viewed membership with the Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce as a social obligation.  I now view it as a business opportunity.

Three short years ago the Chamber, in collaboration with the Alliance, sponsored a Small Contractors Symposium on Insurance which featured representatives from all of the major construction projects, both public and private, in our region.  Township 9, RT, the City of Sacramento and Delta Shores were among the distinguished group of project representatives to attend.  This event was spawn by our Black Chamber as a means to create a sense of awareness among our construction contractors of the opportunities taking place and the need to have proper insurance to work on these larger commercial projects.  Some of these projects have languished over the past couple of years due to the economic hardships of our region, yet the SBCC has remained unwavering in their support of these businesses, many of which we insurance brokers represent.

Another invaluable contribution by the SBCC is in its representation of our businesses before the SMUD Community Advisory Partners.  Members of the CAP are responsible for the recommendations and oversight necessary to keep a credible partnership alive at the District.  My company has benefited from this relationship and I thank the SBCC for their support of the program and my business over the years.


Michael G. Keeley J.D., ARM


MGK Risk and Insurance Services, Inc.