Sacramento County Elections NEEDS your help!!


 Sacramento County Elections NEEDS your help!!

Date: August 13, 2020 at 12:32:01 PM PDT

Reply-To: “Bailey. Courtney” <>


Courtney Bailey-Kanelos, our Sacramento County Registrar of Voters, has issued an urgent message. I have copied it but highlighted in bold some very specific information. I know we can help address the following:


From Courtney Bailey-Kanelos:


URGENT: I am writing to you all today with a plea for help! Sacramento County is required by law to provide 84 Vote Centers for the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election. We have 53 confirmed and we are struggling to find locations willing to host us.


Please see attached for the list of our confirmed locations as of today at noon.


I am asking for our community partners to help us locate additional facilities to be used in November and provide us with contact information for that facility. PLEASE do not just email us a list of “have you tried this, what about XX”, my staff and I need your help to either make that contact or at least send us contact information and we can reach out. We are running out of time for cold calls and need your assistance. We are seeking Vote Centers open Oct 31 – Nov 3. We will consider ANY space, no matter how large or small, and we really need help in Natomas, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova and Folsom. But again, willing to look at ANYTHING and ANYWHERE!


Locations not on the confirmed MAY be in the works, so if not on the attached list but you know has provided space before, maybe an extra nudge or encouragement to the approving authority would be beneficial!


Ideas include:

  • Contact info for realtors who can help or empty office space leasing agents
  • Individual Schools
  • Businesses or community partnerships


We are working with a few school districts but as you all know, their plates are super full as well. We are willing to provide deep cleaning services after the election to any location. Many locations, including schools and community centers, are hosting day cares, employment assistance programs, COVID testing, and food distribution – all very important services but rendering locations unavailable for elections.


Please email me directly at for any facility contact information, emails, phone numbers, names, etc – or if you want to initiate contact and include me, even better! Again, I would like to avoid just throwing facility names out to us at this point, we really need your help to take that extra step and at least provide us the contact information for that facility. Again, no worries about space requirements or other requirements, we are willing to consider any space available at this point, we have become creative with queuing outside and-setup. Attached is an example of room set-up, just FYI. If they can only host a ballot drop box, still send our way but we are doing pretty well on that front.


We need locations confirmed by August 28 to be included in our County Voter Information Guide..


Also, if you are bilingual and want to help us by working at a Vote Center, we could really use your help! Visit our website for more information and the languages we need for November – fill out an online application!


I know everyone is busy but we greatly appreciate any help you can provide!


Thank you all!


Courtney Bailey-Kanelos

Registrar of Voters

County of Sacramento

7000 65th Street, Suite A

Sacramento, CA 95823

Phone (916) 875-6060