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The Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce formed Prosper in 2010 as the national advocacy forum to focus on small businesses, promote economic vitality and encourage collaboration and advocacy for entrepreneurial success. It is a great way for businesses to have their voices heard on a national platform!

2017 Policy Initiatives

Sustainability in Underrepresented Communities

Policy Session video

Empowering Economic Development, Health, and Environmental Impacts in the Green Movement

Sustainability is the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities while living in balance environmentally, socially, and economically.  Our strength as a community is acknowledging our connectedness with everything and everyone.

What is Sustainability in Underrepresented Communities?

Sustainability is the equitable distribution of resources and opportunities while living in balance – in health, environmentally, socially, and economically. This is achieved by focusing on and connecting key aspects of community.

Improving neighborhoods, building communities and business- es in underserved, low to medium income populations, immi- grant and communities of color, rising transportation costs and a widening disparity in health and wellness are among the policy issues that we will advance.

Our strength as a community, like our ancestors, who were masterful in sustainability, comes from acknowledging our con- nectedness with everything and everyone.

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Join Us at the 2017 Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference

Sustainability in Underrepresented Communities

Policies Impacting Underrepresented Communities: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH ENERGY, PUBLIC SAFETY

September 19-24th, 2017
3:30 - 5:30pm
Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Room 146B.


Panel moderated by Azizza Davis Goines President CEO Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Janine Bera Chief Medical Officer WellSpace Health
Jahmal Miller Deputy Director CA Office of Health Equity
Louis Stewart Chief Innovation Officer City of Sacramento
Ted Green Supervisor Commercial Industrial Account Solutions
veronica smith Chief Daniel Hahn Police Department City of Sacramento

Policies Impacting Under Represented Communities:

Economic Development

  • Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Certifications & Procurement
  • Workforce Development
  • Education & Training


  • Health Equity
  • Heath Care Access
  • TeleHealth   
  • Prevention & Wellness
  • Environmental Health


  • Climate Change
  • Toxic Consumer Products
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Justice
  • Water Resources

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