The famed arachnid Anansi the Spider will be coming to life at Fairytale Town this winter in the form of a new playset!

Inspired by the popular West African folk tales, Anansi’s Web features three climbing webs and four animal sculptures from different Anansi tales, along with a sculpture of Anansi himself.

We invite you to help weave Anansi’s Web and make a lasting contribution to children in our region.

All of us at Fairytale Town are excited about Anansi’s Web. Not only will there be a new attraction in an area that is currently unutilized, the playset also expands the world of children’s literature represented at Fairytale Town and provides children of all ages with a physically challenging activity... something that children today badly need.

This transformational project has a budget of $200,000, which includes the creation, fabrication, and installation of the new playset, as well as facility improvements such as walkways, infill, and gardens. Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission has awarded us $100,000 for the project, and Fairytale Town is required to match it.

We need your support to make the new playset a reality!

We invite you to be part of this new adventure by making a tax-deductible donation to the project. By giving to Fairytale Town you are giving to the future development of children—stimulating imagination, creativity, and literacy.

We hope you will join us to create Anansi’s Web—and make a lasting contribution that directly impacts children and families in our region. Your gift today will weave magical memories for children of today, tomorrow, and years to come!