Sandra Dee's initial work was catering. She catered weddings, family reunions, birthday and retirement parties, political fundraisers, and countless get-togethers.

Essentially starting out of her own kitchen, Sandra Dees BBQ eventually evolved into a small take-out facility with only 6 tables in the South area near Freeport. Sandra and Jeff's dream finally came true when they found the perfect location; a 1925 brick building located in the heart of midtown in downtown Sacramento. This quaint building is painted with the couples favorite musicians and the lovely scenery is eclipsed only by the ambiance created within. Sandra Dee's Bar-B-Que and Seafood is a family owned establishment from top to bottom with Sandra Dee and Jeffrey working in the kitchen and they employ both their sons and 2 daughters along with one nephew (so far)  Sandra Dee's BBQ  is definitely a family affair that is "All That and The Stars"!


601 15th Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (on the corner of "F" as in Fabulous Food)