Four Steps to Improve Your Business Performance


Scaling-up or building upon your existing business is an exciting and challenging endeavor. So what are some ways to get started?

Think About How You Want to Show Up As a Business Owner

  • Clearly Identify Your Business Intentions
  • Outline Everything You Do

Next, Take These Four Steps to Really Grow:

Once you have your process clearly outlined through your business intentions and outline, you can dig into what will help you make that process better and scale your business:

  1. Identify and clarify: What does success look like for your business? What new or updated processes will get you to your personal definition of success?
  2. Collect and measure: What are your quantifiable measures of success? Focus on operations-related metrics, such as hitting desired ship dates, rather than marketing ones.
  3. Analyze and assess: Are your processes in line with the definitions and measures of success you chose?
  4. Improve and revise: Identify which parts of your process are slowing you down, costing too much money or simply not serving your customers and begin thinking about ways you change them.

As much as you want to grow and strengthen your businesses, many entrepreneurs have trouble with the fourth step: improve and revise. In this more comprehensive article by Domonique Townsend, you can explore how she coaches and helps people to grow through the acronym DARE to help you think about specific ways you can improve and revise operations.  DARE stands for:

Delegate, Automate, Remove or Enhance.