• To break the silence that adversely impacts the African American community with regard to breast cancer in order to significantly increase the number of survivors.

  • To improve the quality of life by fighting for those that cannot, will not, or do not know how to fight for themselves.

  • To ensure that those living with breast cancer live life to the fullest!


  • To improve the quality of life for African Americans by empowering them to make informed choices about their breast cancer treatment.

  • To change the way African Americans approach health issues by getting in TOUCH with the community through advocacy, awareness, education, research and support.


We are here. In this place. At this time. To. Give.

Give. More. Life.

Today is a gift, eagerly awaiting to be unwrapped.

A gift of redefined beauty.

She is clothed with dignity and strength.

We release hope and invite others to be part of this beautiful journey.

The Journey.




We will get there. Together.

In a safe environment fueled by respect. Mutually.

As we embrace our similarities, and celebrate our differences.

We are culture. We are cultural.

We empower. We support.

Tears are welcomed.

Happy. Angry. Emphatic. Peaceful. Encouraging. Forgiving. Accepting. Supportive. Overcoming.


No apologizing for tears. Ever.

We have plenty of Kleenex!

Judgement is not tolerated here.

We Celebrate & Champion Life.  Past. Present. New.

Normal. Whatever that is. Now

Because it matters. You matter.

Love is required. To

Give. & Receive. Together.


We are the answer to a survivor’s prayer.